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Subject: Gay School Days part 3 halo 3 porn Gay School Daze : part3They got there at least five minutes early.'Best to wait,' said Dawkins. Pondsford likes people to be 15-18 girls sexy
punctual. 'Are
you as hard as me?''Just feel!'The five minutes passed as they caressed and felt each other, and they were
nearly in danger of being late, when Dawkins heard the Chapel clock strike
three 30 amateur thumb and knocked on the door.'Come!'Pondsford was sitting in an armchair. Dressed in a long silk dressing
gown. Coffee table with books and cigarettes in front of him. 'Ah! Dawkins!
And two little lambs enter the lion's den.' There was a question in his
voice.'This is Godolphin, sir. ' He giggled. 'He rather hoped, sir, that the lion
would eat him!'Pondsford laughed at the joke.' He might just, at that. Come over here.'They stood one each side of the handsome figure sprawled back in his easy
chair, the leather quite worn on the arms. He reached out, and put an arm
round each boy. As they stood, their bottoms were just at his shoulder
level. He squeezed their buttocks. 'I know you're an appetising morsel,
Dawkins. But what of the lamb Godolphin ?''I'm sure you'll like him , sir...' As Dawkins spoke, Pondsford had slipped
his hand up Godolphin's shorts, and was feeling the firm, hairless thighs.
Promising, he thought. A very attractive boy. He reached up and round, 5mm pearl necklace and
came on the cotton pants, feeling the tight scrotum through them. And yes,
yes indeed! A lovely hard little cock under the pants. He relinquished his
grasp on Dawkin's bottom, and used both hands to unfasten Godolphin's
belt. He was amused to see Godolphin draw his stomach in, flattening his
belly, hardening the young muscles, as Pondsford let the shorts drop to the
floor.Pondsford got up....the two boys could see the hard cock 13 y.o.porn making a tent
under the shiny, thin silk dressing robe. He pushed Godolphin down 30 amateur thumb into the
chair...still warm from his body, thought Godolphin. 'Now this is a treat,'
murmured the older boy as he lowered his face onto the cotton y-fronts.
'Lovely! A real tasty morsel' Still continuing the eating joke, he murmured
his appreciation as he bit onto the knob through the thick cotton. The boy
sighed and lifted his hips towards the worshipping lips.A moment or two, and Pondsford stood 14 in cock sucking up, throwing the light gown to the
floor. Godolphin gasped.'I told you it was big!' said Dawkins.'I know....But I didn't...I 4 weeks pregnant spotting
never....''See why they call me the lion!' Pondsford laughed. 'And it is big. I've
never seen a bigger. Now let's see you!'
He pulled Godolphin to his feet and pulled the white pants down over the
so-desirable bottom. Dawkins meanwhile had stripped, and was removing his
friend's shoes and socks. His own cock was standing, too....as indeed it
had been for some half-hour in anticipation of this schooldays scene!.Well. That's pretty enough. Now do you want 15-18 girls sexy me to fuck you?''Please, sir. But I've never ....not so big as that.''I'll be careful. Though, I 657 microminimus naked lace
tell you, after a few goes you'll want it hot
and hard, like Dawkins here. Not so?''Yes, sir,' answered Dawkins. 'As hard and fast as you want!''Get the KY.' Dawkins knew where the tube was kept, and while Pondsford
placed his young conquest exactly where he wanted him, across a chair, he
greased the man's cock. 'That's good, Dawkins. Yes! Rub it well in.'
Pondsford moaned. But look at that lovely arse. You've excelled yourself
this time, Dawkins. Oil it up ready for me.'Dawkins eagerly spread a dollop of grease in the awaiting anus, and with
first one finger and then two greased and relaxed his friend's bottom. He
could feel the hard little muscle relax, and was able to tell his mentor
that it was ready.'Good. Now I want you to take that camera, Dawkins , and take a few photos
for me. I especially want one of his face at the moment my knob penetrates
him. And then some of my cock, close-up...in his bottom. Various angles and
depths of penetration. And then some of the whole scene...fucking. His face
if he starts to come....and of course the spunk if he does come.Godolphin's cock stood high 9 11 bar nude as Pondsford held the young, slender legs in
the air and presented his knob to the pink rose of his back passage.
Godolphin clutched at the chair behind him as this large knob made its
entrance. As ever, Pondsford found the look , part pain, part excitement,
on the boy's face at this moment profoundly exciting. 40 naked and sexy And he could see
Dawkins had 44 ddd tits recorded it, and was now taking close-ups of the cock as it
slowly entered the open buttocks.Pondsford managed to hold both ankles in one large fist, freeing one hand
up to wank the lovely 3 girls in panties little cock in front of him as he gradually increased
the tempo of his fucking. Godolphin had closed his eyes in ecstacy now. All
pain passed, and Dawkins photograhed his face, grimacing in his lust before
returning to the hard cock. 'Now!' said Pondsford. 'I think he's going to
come!'Pondsford removed his fist from the boy's cock, and opened the legs, using
both hands, gripping at his ankles, lifting him slightly. The spreading of
the legs, and the lifting gave perhaps another inch of penetration. Even
though the wanking hand had been removed, the extra depth and increasing
momentum, made the boy come, untouched. Dawkins got shots of the spunk
spurting, and then of Pondsford as he too came, provoked by the view of the
young body writhing in pleasure beneath him.
'Your turn now, Dawkins. While I watch. And take some more photos.Pondsford moved round the exciting act....photographing the two smooth,
young bodies in the ultimate act of friendship and comradeship. The
afternoon light played on mike18 porn
their bronzed bodies, shining with the light
perspiration . Dawkins' thighs were nearly as hairless and smooth as his
partner's bottom as he shoved his cock in and out of the now-loosened
anus. Godolphin was lost in a world of his own, moaning his delight. And he
was hard again, his cock still glistening with his earlier cum, and the
pools of cum on his belly being spread and smeared over the two of them as
Dawkins fucked him. Finally it was too much for Dawkins, and one finger up
his 1930s erotic art own bum, he filled porn 3sum the prostrate boy's bum with his spunk.Pondsford managed to get a photograph of him at the moment of delerium.And now, Godolphin, since you're hard again. You will have my arse.'Oh. May I , sir. Should I grease you ?' Godolphin was learning fast!'Not necessary, boy. I've been amusing myself with a vibrator. So it's
quite ready.''A vibrator......?''Oh, never mind. We'll show you some other time.' Pondsford was lying over
the bed. On his elbows. Feet on the floor, or nearly. Young Godolphin
addressed his cock to the waiting bum. Pondsford looked over his shoulder
looking at the boy's hairless thighs and flat belly as the knob rubbed in
the crease. And then the boy penetrated. With a groan of pleasure,
Pondsford buried his face in the pillow, his hands clutching at the
coverlet.'Give it to him hard,' shouted Dawkins. 'He likes it walloped into
him. Yes! Like that. Smack your bollocks against his arse with every go!
Yes!'Godolphin took him at his word. The first flush of sexual excitement had
been relieved, and his cock felt as if it had wings as he rammed it 9 11 bar nude
in and
out of the slim, hard bum. 'I'm fucking Pondsford,' he thought, in utter
disbelief. 'The great Pondsford.' He lay full 44 ddd tits on top of the athlete now,
his hands gripping the solid shoulders, his teeth biting the back of his
neck, as he buggered him, powerfully now, and 34 nursing pants with a sense of adult power
for the first time. He had had Dawkins, and lusted after Siriwardine, but
this was his first real, male, man.Years later , at Lords, watching Pondsford come out at the beginning 2pac me my girlfriend of a
crucial test against the Windies, to open the batting for England, he
thought back to the empowerment that first really aggressive act of sodomy
had given him.He was in control now. 'Turn over....I want your belly and tits.' No 'sir'
now, you notice.Obedient Pondsford rolled over on his back, and with scarcely a moment's
break, Godolphin was up his arse, lying on his belly, his lips encircling
and biting the hard little nipples. Pondsford's eyes were closed in
rapture, and the boy felt a sense of pride in his sexual prowess. He
remembered how good it had been when he was fucked to have his cock wanked,
and raised his weight from the chest, though still boring in powerfully
against the thighs off the reclining man. Taking a leaf from that book , he
grasped the cock, surprised again at its girth, and rubbed his hand up and
down it. He could see a drop of cum in the eye.'Me too' said Dawkins, and putting the camera a1 escort down (he'd been recording all
this cock-fun) got on top of Pondsford's face, sticking his hard cock into
the waiting mouth. He reached forward and replaced Godolphin's hand on the
cock, leaving Godolphin free to raise Ponsford's leegs and spread them, as
he'd learned an hour earlier.Pondsford was wanking away, too, and suddenly he panted and moaned, half
stifled by the cock in his mouth. Godolphin looked down and saw the
fountain of white cum spring from the cock. The hand paused a moment,
gripping his cock, and then moved again as a second great fountain spurted,
some of it reaching high enough to splatter the boy's face as he shagged,
harder and faster than ever. As the last oozings rose from the knob, and he
was able to lick some of the sprayed cum from his lips, the space just blue mp3 boy spread
Pondsfords legs even further, and with several mighty shoves came deep in
him with each spurt. Dawkins had been holding on with difficulty, but
seeing his friend and mentor both finishing, himself came in Pondsford's
mouth.There was a moment or two of silence, and then the clearing up of sweat and
cum. Then they sat , the boys on the floor beside Pondsford in his chair,
smoking, contented for the moment.Pondsford blew a meditative smoke ring. Dawkins broke their silence. 'I
say, sir, are their any other boys in House who like cock-fun.''Several, young Dawkins.' He stretched, laying further back in the chair.'I say, sir. Could you tell us some, so we.....''I think you'd better dr dick 4 download find your own partners! And you wouldn't want me to
go telling others about our cock-fun, would you?''I suppose not...'Silence a few moments. Then Pondsford. 'My folks go away every August for
the month and leave the castle to me. All the staff except two footmen go
on leave , too. So with the castle nearly empty I have a few friends round
for the month. Would you two like to join us?''Could we , sir?''That's what I said. Plenty of riding, shooting and fishing. 1836 private road act And any amount
of cock-fun! Apart from us and a few other boys from House, I get some lads
in from the village each day...and the footmen join 29 twink rogue chest in as well.'Sounds very good, sir.''That's arranged then, August first. Look pass that book over. The top
one. Now this is an album of photos from last August holidays. Leaf through
it and you'll get the idea.'Pondsford watched as the two boys turned the pages. They often lingered
over particularly erotic scenes. Then suddenly, a double-take. 'I say, sir,
that's Siriwardine, isn't it?''It certainly is. 13 y.o.porn And that answers your question earlier. He loves a cock
up him....mouth or bum. Lovely skin, hasn't he. So brown it's nearly
purple. Yes he's a real raver.''Who's this blonde girl?' They stopped at a picture of a very pretty
girl. She was wearing very grown-up lingerie for such a little girl. High
heels, glossy white stockings, and the loveliest white lacy suspender belt,
and nearly 911 panties transparant matching panties. But instead of a bra, it was a
tight white satin vest....you could see her nipples, and that she was too
young to have tits.''Pretty little thing, isn't she. But look carefully at her panties!''I say, sir, she's a boy.' Dawkins was gob-smacked.Godolphin looked hard at her face. 'I think it's Freddy Arbuthnot...''Right first time, young Godolphin. He fags for van Rijn, you know. And
van Rijn likes to dress him up in girly clothes, especially for bed. And it
really is nice to have your muffins served by a pretty little french maid,
in see-through panties!''I'd like to have some fun with him...I mean dressed up!''I expect you could...but you'd have to ask van Rijn first. And he'd
probably want to dress you up , too. And have your cock as well..''I wouldn't mind. In fact I'd like to wear those things. I'd really like
to, sir.''Well that can be arranged too, Dawkins....and you'll be very popular at
the Castle if you do. Especially with the footmen and the village lads. I
say, you've gone quite hard again.' H e reached out and held the boy's
cock.' 'Me, too,' he added, and placed Dawkins hand over his own
newly-erect cock.Godolphin was turning the pages. He stopped at a particularly striking
one. 'I 80 s female icons say, sir. Who's this?''Very handsome isn't he. That's Jake, a village boy. He's the blacksmith's
boy. That's how he's got such a good body. Plenty of hard work. Lovely soft
skin....but hard hands, of course. Not like yours Dawkins. Yes, that's
nice.' Dawkins 40 naked and sexy
was gently running his hand bleach 3rd ending
up and down the shaft of his
mentor's prick. He enjoys cock-fun, babes 2 nitgh
that one. He'll do anything for half a
crown.''Anything, sir?''Yes, Godolphin...anything. Now does that give you ideas. I see it does.'
He reached out with his other hand and felt the now-erect cock.' Time to
play again!'The two lads stood one each side of Pondsford. 24 7 adult chat
Godolphin rested one hand on
his shoulder while Pondsford, almost reverently, cradled the boy's ball in
one hand while he lowered his mouth to the waiting cock. He grasped
Dawkin's prick with the other hand. He pulled Godolphin to him, using a
gentle 18 porn clips
pressure on the balls, and took first the knob and then the whole
length in his mouth. He could taste the remains of the 1960 porn earlier cum on the
shaft as he moved it in and out. He held Dawkins' cock lightly and the
other boy was able to , as it were, shag the open hand, vigorously shoving
with his hips. Pondsford could feel Godolphin on the edge of coming, and
gobbled even faster.Dawkins suddenly groaned, and the spurt of his come flashed past
Pondsford's face, to land on Godolphin's belly. This was the last straw,
and with a sudden cry, he came in Pondsford's mouth, hot, creamy come.
Dawkins was now rubbing Pondsford's cock, using his own come as a
lubricant, and in seconds, stimulated by the feel of the orgasm in his
mouth, he too came.Sitting , as before, smoking. 'I say, sir. What about the masters?''Well, old Cuthbert , he's gay of course. Don't tell me he hasn't had his
hand up your shorts!' Cuthbert taught Latin, and specialised in getting a
boy to stand by his desk, parsing, while he felt up the leg of the shorts,
seeking balls and, often, hard little cocks. He never ventured more,
though.'But so ugly, sir.' All three laughed. 'What about Monsieur? We think he's
gay.''May well be. Why not try him out...two of you so you can both deny it if
he kicks fkk magazin 14yo
up. And blow 2 chicks let me know....I could fancy him!'
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